Welcome Tiger Class of 1987!
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Friday Night Mixer $10 per person
Casual attire please! 

6pm - 10pm Saranac Public House 
No Host Bar and music by Jason Lucas and band
$10 per person 


Saturday Picnic at LC 

Casual attire please!
12noon to 2pm at LC
Pinic on campus and school will be open for access

This is a free event: Please bring your lunch/goodies. No alcohol allowed.

Saturday Evening: Cocktails, Dinner and Camaraderie 

Casual attire please!
6pm - 12am at The Davenport Grand 

$55 per person 


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Friday Night Mixer Casual Attire please
$10 per ticket
pay through PAYPAL
When:07/21/2017 6pm -10pm
Where:Saranac Public House
Number of Registrations:
Picnic at LC Casual Attire please
Free event and please let us know you are coming.
When:07/22/2017 12 noon - 2 pm
Where:Lewis and Clark High School
Number of Registrations:
Saturday Night Event Casual Attire please
$55 per ticket pay through PAYPAL https://www.paypal.com/us/home TDSL1969@aol.com
When:07/22/2017 6pm -12am
Where:Davenport Grand Hotel
Number of Registrations:
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Russ Anthony
Sandra Anthony
Jere Batten
Stacy Beal
Wayne Beal
Rich Beaven
Janee Hart (Booey)
Erin Nye (Brewer)
Steve Brewer
Tom Brice
Sarah Jane Byrnes
Melody Lang (Caires)
Ashley Bale (Callahan)
Karen Ollson (Canning)
Karen Olson (Canning)
Kari Sevier (Carbon)
Rob Carbon
Quinn Simshauser (Cavanaugh)
Melanie Cawrse
Rich Clark
Spencer Cole
Michael Connors
Colleen Conrad
Kim Allen (Cook)
Tim Cook
Kristina Roberts (Corbett)
Michele Fallon (Crawford)
Chris Crews
Jody Wilkinson (Crews)
Jane Broom (Davidson)
Carsen DePartee
Robert DePartee
Caroline Fisher (Dorsey)
Charles Edwards
Eric Ellingsen
Tricia Ellingsen
Larraine Etter
Darius Felice
Debbie Freeman
Steve Freeman
Kathleen Sullivan (Garman)
Sean Garman
Justin Glass
Marci Auld (Glass)
Greg Goeller
Patti Goeller
Stacy Reil (Gonzalez)
David Heisenberg (Gould)
Vicki Thorp (Greger)
Annie Grieve
Joseph Halsted
Michele McDaniel (Halsted)
Tammy Halvorson
Brian Harris
Heather Singler (Harris)
Mike Hart
Tricia Dunn (Hart)
Angela Hayes
Joyce Birgenheier (Hedrick)
Michelle Hege (Hege)
Alex Helipetage
Alex Helipitage
Nicole Helle
Rob Hinnen
Greg Hollon
Jennifer Moore (Hopkins)
Randall Hopkins
Krista Hudson
Angel Geaudreau (Hughes)
Duane Hughes
Duncan Jewell
Katie Williams (Jewell)
Becky Birgenheier (Johnson)
David Kremer
Liisa Kuki (Kuki)
Corey Lanterman
Tamara Larson
Angela Dunn (Leavitt)
Mike Lee
Shelley Cunningham (Lee)
Wynne Leon
Kristi Linane (Linane)
Lenora Scherfenberg (Stacie (Lopez Schindler)
JasOn Lucas
Chris Luce
Stephanie Lynch
Colleen Macaulay (Macaulay)
Kammy Magnuson
Chris Mangum
Traci Osborne (McCauley)
Stephanie Sherwood (McGlathery)
Dave Mecham
Mike Mickelson
Andre Miesch
Vonnie Dupree (Miesch)
Chris McDermott (Mundel)
Ken Mundel
John Munson
Monica Munson
Erin Anderson (Mustach)
Joe Mustach
John Mustach
Julie Mustach
Maddie Mustach
Jen O'Toole
David Overstreet
Sabrina Finer (Parnell)
Tim Peterson
Julie Christensen (Quillim)
Julie Christwnsen (Quillin)
Mark Quillin
Vik Raol
Kiki Redfield
Jack Reynolds
Jeremy Jmanrich (Richardson)
Jeremy Richardson
Rudy Rivera
Veronica Lundquist (Rivera)
Phoenix Robb
Heather Allen (Rochester)
Kassio Shea (Schrock)
Mike Schrock
Lisa Schroeder
Jon Schwartz
Jim Shelby
Kristin Shelby
Heather Simchuk
Ter Simpson (Simpson)
Teri Simpson (Simpson)
Jennifer Skelton
Betsy Speare
Steve Stallings
Greg Stapleton
Molly Stapleton
Tonya Tracy (Stern)
Teri Lee (Story)
Seanna Vivion (Sunde)
Thad Sunde
Selena Thompson
Stern Tracy (Tonya)
Julie Tvedten (Van Devender)
Deon Wilkins
Noelle Hazel (Wilkins)
Sarah Wolf
Chris Wood
Jiffy Eugster (Yeatts)
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